This Alpair 10 Gen.3 is the latest model in a development line designed to extend the
performance of mid-sized Markaudio full-range emitters. This generation of Alpair 10 utilises
a new ultra thin wall coil. Together with a new modification to its cone, this latest model
delivers usable frequency range up to 25-kHz while retaining the “purist” single-cone design,
This driver retains the Multi-form cone technology with a new more efficient profile giving
improved high range performance. Additional features include an advanced Nomex super-
light rear suspension (spider). The Alpair 10‘s frame is formed from a new mix of polymers,
making it 5% stiffer than the old model. The Gen.3 version houses an “Arrestor” in its
magnetic motor sub-assembly, helping to avoid damage from over-load situations.

Alpair 10 Gen.3
T/S date LMS V4 Anechoic:
Revc= 7.200 Ohm
Fo= 38.266 Hz
Sd= 8.825K mm2
Vas= 26.320 Ltr
Cms= 2.380m M/N
Mmd= 6.792 g
Mms= 7.269 g
BL= 5.772 TM
Qms= 1.930
Qes= 0.378
Qts= 0.316
Levc= 71.379u H
No= 0.378 %
SPLo= 87.988 dB
Xmax = 7.5mm (1 way with Arrestor)
Power = 30 watts nom.

Speaker Specifications
Nominal Size (mm) 100
Nominal Impedance (Ohms) 8
Power Rating (W) 30
Sensitivity 1W/1M (dB) 87.99
Resonant Frequency (Hz) 38.27
Qts 0.316
Qms 1.930
Qes 0.378
Vas (Litres) 26.32
Re (Ohms) 7.2
Xmax (mm) 7.5
Freq Response Min (hz) 50
Freq Response Max (hz) 17500

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Mark Audio Alpair 10.3 Gold

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