The PLuvia Seven driver is a new type of small driver from MarkAudio. While its mechanically similar to the
CHR-70 series drivers, its major design features are more advanced.

The main feature of this Pluvia is its new low-mass thin profile glass-fibre injected chassis (frame). This chassis
design has taken 2 years of research and development to produce a highly damped strong frame that makes
installation easy. Pluvia Seven can be either surface mounted or recessed into a loudspeaker box. The chassis
mounting depth is only 3.5mm making it easy fit for either type of installation. The chassis appearance is high
quality, with a professional industry finish that makes the Pluvia Seven look expensive while it remains affordable.
The PLuvia Seven features a new shape cap and revised suspensions giving it a wide range with controlled mid
response to help reduce “shout”, typical of many small wide band drivers. Pluvia’s cones use the latest profiles
from designer Mark Fenlon, featuring 2 new colours, Vintage Gold and Soft Chrome. Vocals on this PLuvia are
clear and natural. Baffle Step Compensation (BSC) is enhanced on the new suspension layout, making this
driver more effective in combating box losses in the low range. Other new features include longer gold plated
connectors for easier soldering or using clamp type connectors.

The new Pluvia Seven  is an excellent  high-end and multi-purpose driver. Its also suitable for many computer,
Home Theatre, TV, and commercial A/V applications.

Revc=     7.200 Ohm
Fo=     67.863 Hz
Sd=     50.270 cm2
Vas=     5.543 Ltr
Cms=     1.545m M/N
Mmd=     3.356m Kg
Mms=     3.561 g
BL=     3.968 TM
Qms=     2.391
Qes=     0.695
Qts=     0.538
Levc=     35.057u H
No=     0.241 %
SPLo=     85.843 dB
Pwr=     22 watts Nom
X max=     4mm 1 way

Speaker Specifications
Nominal Size (mm) 70
Nominal Impedance (Ohms) 8
Power Rating (W) 22
Sensitivity 1W/1M (dB) 85.84
Resonant Frequency (Hz) 67.86
Qts 0.538
Qms 2.391
Qes 0.695
Vas (Litres) 5.543
Re (Ohms) 7.2
Xmax (mm) 4
Freq Response Min (hz) 70
Freq Response Max (hz) 25000

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Mark Audio Pluvia 7 - Gold

  • Brand: Mark Audio
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