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Mark Audio CHR120 Grey

The CHR-120 is a brand-new 6-inch high fidelity multi-purpose high-volume driver design from Markaudio.

This new driver has been purpose developed to provide significant bass extension beyond what many similar-sized midbass units can deliver, combined with full-range frequency output.

The CHR-120 cone is made from a high-strength, aerospace grade magnesium-alloy designed to cope with high bending stress loads. Based upon our renowned shallow profile, wide dispersion multiform cone concept, the material thickness is carefully balanced to maximise low frequency load capacity while retaining excellent performance at higher frequencies. The long-stroke suspension and low-distortion motor are designed to provide a low resonant frequency, medium Q and an air volume compliance of around 59 litres. Optimised for use in larger enclosures, the CHR-120 can provide output to some 30Hz and smooth high frequency range extending above 20KHz in a suitable design.Other key features include an “easy install” reinforced polymer frame for both surface and recessed mounting.

The CHR-120 provides custom builders with wide operational flexibility at a surprisingly affordable price, and can be used as a high-performance full-range driver, or as a wide-range midbass. It is ideal for use in high-fidelity, home-theatre, commercial A/V applications, and by suiting a wide range of enclosure types, it continues Markaudio’s reputation for providing qualitative excellence and advanced mechanical engineering at an accessible level.

Revc7.20 Ohm
F034.24 Hz
Sd0.0147 m²
Vas58.8923 Ltr
CMS1.9409 mm/N
MMD10.1179 g
MMS11.1310 g
Xmax9mm one way
LeVc0.1272 mH
No0.936 %
SPL089.3145 dB

Speaker Specifications
Nominal Size (mm) 185
Nominal Impedance (Ohms) 7.2
Power Rating (W) 50
Sensitivity 1W/1M (dB) 89.32
Resonant Frequency (Hz) 34.24
Qts 0.3722
Qms 2.3823
Qes 0.4411
Vas (Litres) 20000
Re (Ohms)
Xmax (mm) 7.2
Freq Response Min (hz)
Freq Response Max (hz) 35

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